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Turning your grass into a beautiful lawn.

The  great British lawn is an institution in it's self, however few reach  that status, but we specialise in giving our customers just that. 


We love a challenge so don't be shy.

More often than not we get a call to save a lawn because the DIY treatment has caused more damaged. We can save it. 


Your lawn deserves our attention.

Making your lawn look fabulous won't just improve the entire look of the garden but also the home.

We can do so much more for your lawn.

You will love your lawn.


Not only will we help you love your lawn we will help you love the entire  garden. We can also help control ant's as well as clean the driveway and  paths. 

Local not a franchise.


After 12 years of franchising with her brother in law Cherie started Waring  Beautiful Lawns because she believes the one fix all lawns doesn't work.  Every lawn is different and every customer has different expectations. 

Mowing help available.


To help train the next generation of the Waring Family lawn mowing is also  available. So if your away, ill or the mowers broken we can arrange a  temporary mowing serve. Or if you prefer we can do it all year round. 

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If you want to love your lawn try our service.

We are now recovering lawns from the heatwave.

Waring beautiful lawns


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