Sprayaway provides instant cleaning.


Because Sprayaway is an instant claener a large patio can be cleaned in just over an hour.

Cleaner than jet washing.


 Because Sprayaway is a spray on liquid cleaner it won’t miss any areas, there will be no streaks and no mess. A free test patch demo is available with a free quote.

Cleans decking, stones, bricks and concrete


  Sprayaway Cleans, Wood, Stone, Concrete, Block, Plastic, metal and alike.

We also clean the sand in block paving and do not remove it. We clean the grouting between the pavings and do not damage it.  

How does it work?


 We simply spray on our Sprayaway cleaner and wait for around 10 minutes or so. Rinse it off leaving you with an unbeatably clean surface. There are no streaks, lines or missed areas.

Here is the big news.


  Sprayaway cleans the sand and does not remove it !

Sprayaway uses no electricity!

Sparyaway uses far less water than Jet washing!

Sprayaway kills the weed seeds and moss spaws so they don't come back as fast.

Sprayaway stays cleaner for longer.

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Once you have tried our Sprayaway cleaning service, we are confident that you will never jet wash those outside areas again.

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